Cleaning gutters in Norfolk – Some top tips for safer DIY gutter cleaning

Since we clean gutters for a living in Norwich and Norfolk, it wouldn’t make business sense for Gutter Free to be promoting do-it-yourself gutter cleaning. We think you should call in the professionals and give Gutter Free a call for your free gutter cleaning quote. And don’t forget the Gutter Free ‘Price Promise’. If you’ve received a genuine quote from any other firm, Gutter Free will guarantee we’ll beat that price.

So, really there’s no need to be cleaning your own gutters in Norwich. Call Gutter Free and save yourself the risk and dirt.

However, we know times can be hard and we all like to make savings wherever we can. So if you insist on cleaning your own gutters, please allow us to offer you a few gutter cleaning tips to help you get the job done safely.

Safety first

First and foremost, please keep yourself safe. Let me breakdown some important points to consider if you’re thinking of clearing your own gutters from a ladder.


DIY gutter cleaning invariably requires work at height and clearing gutters by hand. As a bare minimum, you’re going to need a ladder and gloves. Let’s start with ladders…

Any work at height carries significant risk. In fact, of all the tools, power tools and equipment the average DIYer possesses, the most dangerous tool you have is your ladder. At Gutter Free we’re trained to use ladders safely and we have bags of experience cleaning gutters around Norfolk. We’d most definitely recommend investing in a quality ladder and standoff.

Your ladder needs to be stored safely and visually checked over for any deterioration or damage prior to each use. Never use a ladder with damaged rungs or stiles or any other damage that may have compromised the ladder’s safety.


A good standoff is also a very wise investment for anyone clearing gutters themselves. Standoffs make reaching gutters to visually check and clear any blockages much more comfortable and considerably safer, especially where you have soffits creating an overhang.

Never rest your ladder on a gutter. There’s a real risk the ladder will slip. On top of the safety issues, you can also damage your gutters by resting your ladder on them.

Tie-off, footing and lone-working

If you’re expecting to work on a ladder for any length of time, tie it off to best secure it. As well as tying off, get someone to foot your ladder and avoid lone-working. Having someone foot your ladder will help secure the base of the ladder from sliding away. It also means you’ll have someone with you while you work. Gutter Free staff don’t clean gutters alone for safety reasons and we recommend you DIYers avoid lone-working too.


Never overreach on a ladder. It’s tempting to reach out when that last handful of leaves is just a few inches out of reach, but overreaching isn’t worth the risk. Much better to reposition your ladder and keep the core of your body in line with the stiles.

Protect your hands

Always wear strong gloves and use a trowel or other similar tool while clearing gutters by hand. If you can’t see what’s under those leaves and moss, assume it’s a hazard. That’s the Gutter Free approach to keeping safe while clearing gutters by hand. Believe us, we’ve pulled plenty of nasty and hazardous objects from gutters while cleaning them in Norwich and Norfolk.

One last word…

Gutter Free Ltd wouldn’t recommend cleaning your own gutters unless you’re experienced and confident in doing so. If in doubt, call the professionals on 07773 115 369 and let Gutter Free get the job done for you. Is it really worth the risk…? We don’t think so. We’re the best priced gutter cleaning company in Norfolk and Norwich, so don’t take the risk.