Gutter cleaning in Norfolk and why working outside is such a good thing

Cleaning gutters in Norfolk requires working outside, (almost) whatever the weather. It might not appeal to everyone, but the guys at Gutter Free love it for many reasons. Here we’ve worked together to compile a list of our top three reasons why working outside is such a good thing.

Cleaning gutters and watching the seasons change

In the past Tom and others at Gutter Free have worked in offices and other indoor jobs. When we’re cooped up inside we hardly notice the subtle changes in the seasons. Spring creeps on with nothing to mark it by.
When you’re working outside every day you become much more in tune with the slight shifts and changes of the year. So much so that you can isolate the very day that winter arrives or that spring buds and opens. It’s a beautiful experience to be more in tune with the systems of nature that surround us all and from which we all came. There’s so much more to cleaning gutters in Norfolk when you stop and take a minute to experience the wider natural world that surrounds us.

Cleaning gutters means looking upwards

How many other jobs require so much looking skywards? Norfolk gutter cleaning has the guys at Gutter Free looking to the sky for much of the day. Over the years we’ve really learned to notice the birds and the clouds. Tom, the company owner, is a keen nature watcher and has always pointed out the birds we find above us. Frequently we see sparrowhawks and buzzards while cleaning gutters in both Norwich and Norfolk. A lot of our day is spent driving between jobs which again gives the observant man a chance to see more wildlife. Some of the creatures who’ve crossed our path include, deer, owls, stoats and hares. We’re all careful drivers, thank goodness!
Cloud watching has not quite taken off as well with Gutter Free staff, but we have at least become pretty good at spotting the rain. We still get soaked some days, though!

Vitamin D and sunlight

Even in the darkest days of winter there is sunlight to soak in. So many of us in a 9 to 5 office job see very little sunlight in a day, but at Gutter Free we’re always absorbing the health benefits of sunlight while we’re cleaning gutters in Norwich and Norfolk.
There are so many benefits from time outside, including improved physical health and better mental well-being. Perhaps this is the reason we’re possibly the friendliest gutter cleaners in Norfolk!

Gutter cleaning is hardly Norfolk’s most glamorous job, but there’s something so rewarding and healthy about working outside as part of a happy team, out in the elements and noticing the wildlife around us. All of us at Gutter Free have said we’d definitely find it hard to go back to working in an office or factory. It’s just not the same as working outside! If your stuck in an office and long for the outdoors, why not make an effort to get out in nature. There is plenty of nature in the beautiful county of Norfolk. You don’t need to be a gutter cleaner to get out there in the fresh air.