Weird things we’ve found while cleaning gutters in Norwich Norfolk and Suffolk

You’d be surprised at some of the strange (and sometimes dangerous) things Gutter Free staff have found clearing gutters in and around Norfolk and Suffolk! Who knows what’s blocking your gutters…?


CD blocking gutters in Great Yarmouth

We once retrieved a CD from a museum’s gutters in Great Yarmouth. Soaking wet, covered in mud and probably scratched, we never try to play it, but we like to think it might have been something like ‘Out of the Gutter’ by the Cockney Rejects!


Gutters blocked by an umbrella

While we were cleaning gutters in Norfolk we came across what at first looked like a walking stick on our gutter cleaning camera monitor. Once out, it turned out to be a broken umbrella. Until Gutter Free Ltd cleaned out the homeowner’s gutters, they were hardly singing in the rain with blocked gutters and no umbrella.


Tennis balls

They’re just right for blocking downpipes

Hardly weird but we find loads of them. Tennis balls. As the approved contractor for gutter cleaning of Norfolk schools, Gutter Free retrieves more tennis balls than a Wimbledon ball boy on overtime. They’re the perfect shape and size to sit in the top of a downpipe and completely block the gutters.


Knives and needles in gutters in Suffolk

This is not such a laughing matter, but it’s important to stress the need for good Health and Safety while cleaning gutters in Suffolk. I say Suffolk, because both of these things were taken out of gutters in Ipswich while Gutter Free were contracted to clean gutters for Ipswich Borough Council. We were working in some pretty rough areas and were frequently reminded why vigilance and good practice were vital while clearing gutters in Ipswich. The knife was stashed in a low-level gutter and was immediately handed in to Suffolk police. The needles were called through to the Sharps Team for safe removal. Never put your hands anywhere that you can’t see what’s in there.


Clothing in blocked gutters in Norfolk and Norwich

We’ve seen it all in blocked gutters around Norwich and Norfolk. From a hat that had started to sprout weeds, to underwear that blocked a gutter in North Norfolk. We’ve also found rugby socks and a gloves. Pretty sure we could have found a full outfit over the years of unblocking gutters in Norwich and Norfolk.


Vintage pliers while cleaning gutters in Norfolk

Once upon a time a roofer in ye olden days left a pair of pliers in the gutters of an ornate building he was working on. Years went by. The roofer passed away. The next roofer passed away, and so on. Until one day two lads came to clear the gutters of a beautiful old building and found the gutters were blocked by a very old pair of pliers. Sometimes clearing gutters can give you a little insight into a world long gone.


So you see, cleaning gutters in Norwich and Norfolk can turn up some real surprises. Some weird, some amusing, some dangerous and some interesting relics. All among the things Gutter Free staff have cleared from blocked gutters.