Why we love clearing gutters in Norfolk

Cleaning gutters in Norfolk and Suffolk (or anywhere, for that matter) isn’t the most glamorous of jobs, but at Gutter Free Ltd we love what we do, and here are some of the things we love about it…

Blocked downpipes in Norwich and satisfied customers

While we have a base of regular customers for regular gutter cleaning in Norwich and Norfolk, many of our new customers first come to us with a problem. And that problem is invariably blocked gutters and downpipes.
Gutters are your house’s first line of protection from the elements. Without your gutters functioning as they should, your property is open to rain damage and, over time, some pretty serious water damage. Blocked gutters can leave rain water running down your brickwork and pooling at the footings.
For Gutter Free, there’s always been something very satisfying about freeing a blocked downpipe. It’s like pulling a plug! First the gurgle and then the rush of standing water suddenly going where it should. Many of our jobs start with blocked downpipes in Norwich and end with that absolute certainty of water pouring away. Problem solved, a job well done and a satisfied customer.

Working outside and getting those gutters clean in Norfolk

At Gutter Free, we love working outside, whatever the weather and however mucky the job. There’s something beautiful about seeing the changing seasons and feeling the elements. We’ve learned to look around us and notice the wonders of the world we live in – sounds a bit poetic for gutter cleaning in Norwich, but it’s true. Many times we’re looking up at a gutter and see a buzzard soaring overhead, or driving to a job gutter clearing in North Norfolk and see a barn owl or a muntjac deer cross the road ahead. Over the years, we’ve become pretty knowledgeable with British wildlife and what better place to see it all than Norfolk!

Blocked gutters are a problem and we solve it safely!

For many homeowners, the sound of dripping water from a blocked gutter in Norwich or Norfolk leaves them with a sinking feeling. Most of us don’t relish the idea of having to go up a ladder to sort out a dirty, wet gutter problem. Fear not, Gutter Free can sort all your blocked gutter problems in Norfolk and Suffolk.
Wherever possible, we keep our feet on the ground and use our unique gutter vacuum system to limit the need to work at height, making gutter cleaning with Gutter Free better and safer. Where we do need to work at height, our operators are all ladder safety trained, cherry picker trained and experienced in doing what we do and doing it safely. And that is the single best thing about our gutter cleaning service!

Meeting new customers and seeing our regular gutter cleaning customers around Norfolk

Another great part of our job is speaking to you, the customer. It’s always good to meet new people and nice to see our regular customers. At Gutter Free, we’re a sociable bunch and we see chatting to customers and having a cuppa as an important part of our gutter cleaning service.

So you see, gutter cleaning might not seem at first to be the most glamorous and rewarding job, but the truth is… we love it!